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Securing East Africa’s Digital Future and Building a
Cyber Resilient Infrastructure.

September 2024 | TBA

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Safeguarding East Africa's Digital Future

As East Africa propels itself into a new era of technological advancement, the imperative for robust cybersecurity measures has never been more pronounced. This summit stands as a testament to East Africa's unwavering commitment to fortify its digital landscape, safeguarding sensitive information, critical infrastructure, and the region’s economic prosperity.

In an age of unprecedented connectivity and innovation, the threat landscape has evolved exponentially. This summit serves as a crucible of knowledge and foresight, where attendees will gain unparalleled insights into the intricacies of contemporary cybersecurity. Through riveting real-world case studies, interactive panel discussions, and high-level networking opportunities, participants will glean actionable strategies to augment their organisations' resilience against cyber adversaries.

Join us for the Most Exclusive Gathering of Cyber Professionals

in September 2024, be there to witness the most exclusive gathering of cyber security professionals at the event embedded with the futuristic experiences and emerging technologies.

Witness top keynote addresses, round table discussions, technology based business networking, innovative solutions, real-time demonstrations from the leading technology companies and more.

Event Schedule

The program flow is curated and designed to create a knowledge sharing platform for the digital industry professionals of the region.

Program Schedule

  • Delving into the pivotal role of key stakeholders in shaping a robust cybersecurity framework, encompassing policy development, regulatory compliance, and incident response strategies.
  • Evaluating the responsibilities of businesses in safeguarding critical infrastructure and sensitive information from cyber threats.
  • Illuminating the importance of digital hygiene and education in fostering a culture of cyber resilience.
  • Examining role of artificial intelligence in fortifying cybersecurity defenses.
  • Scrutiny of ethical considerations surrounding the integration of AI in cybersecurity practices.
  • Exemplifying successful applications of AI in augmenting cybersecurity resilience.
  • Exploring cyber resilience strategies.
  • Illustrating effective cyber resilience strategies and highlighting successful incident response and mitigation.
  • Reflect on the profound lessons gleaned from previous large-scale cyberattacks; ensuing best practices for preemptive preparedness.
  • Dissect actionable strategies for businesses to fortify their cyber defences, including incident response planning and threat intelligence.
  • Uncovering vulnerabilities and shoring up cyber defences.
  • Employing ethical hackers as a security measure.
  • Designing a roadmap integrating ethical hacking and penetration testing in their security posture.
  • Understanding the symbiotic relationship between cyber resilience and business sustainability.
  • Highlighting strategic corporate investments in bolstering cyber capabilities, safeguarding against cyber threats, and fortifying critical business infrastructure.
  • Drawing actionable insights from incidents with significant business implications.

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Testimonials from our Valued attendees

Words from our attendees, esteemed speakers, partners and other important stakeholders.

“A very beautiful experience and useful enriching dialogues in a distinguished constellation of experts and specialists in digital transformation in the Africa.”

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“This forum was characterized by richness of knowledge in a wonderful fraternity atmosphere, which included a number of experts and distinguished in the digital transformation.”

Chief Information Officer


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